Ensure full protection against all risks from asbestos with the help of our company. Situated in Yorkshire, we provide a variety of asbestos services with many years of experience in the industry. Catering to a wide range of commercial clients, all of our consultants that carry out detailed asbestos surveys are conversant with UKAS practices. We operate throughout the UK.

Wide-Ranging Solutions

Comprehensive asbestos management is the main priority of Environmental Asbestos Services. We provide numerous solutions including:

Asbestos Management Surveys

A management survey is our most common standard review, which locates and identifies the presence and location of asbestos in the building that could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy.

A re-inspection is to make sure that any previously identified asbestos material as part of the legally required management process has not been missed, and is carried out by a competent person.

Asbestos Pre-Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys

This specific survey is required prior to any work being carried out that may disturb the fabric of the building. This is a disruptive and intrusive survey that involves breaking through walls and partitions as well as opening up floors. This is to identify where the location of any asbestos before carrying out demolition work.

24-Hour Asbestos Sampling

With our 24-hour sampling, we attend your property to collect any samples of the materials you may think are asbestos, which are then taken to the UKAS-accredited laboratories. You will receive a certified result within 24 hours.

For a comprehensive asbestos management survey, please do not hesitate to call us to make arrangements. We will offer you an accurate price over the phone, as each survey and job differs. A member of our helpful team will then book a day that is most suitable for you.

Ideal for Potential Purchasers

Our team of professionals will carry out a comprehensive asbestos survey on the property as soon as you require. We will also supply you with the surveys described above to ensure that you are fully aware of the location of asbestos in your potential property. The state and quantity will also be checked as well as describing the measures you may need to protect yourself before carrying out any DIY or major refurbishments.